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Liting Su
Research Associate

Liting Su is a Research Associate specializing in aggregation-theoretic monetary aggregation for the Center for Financial Stability’s program, Advances in Monetary and Financial Measurement. She has been contributing to the construction of the Augmented Divisia Monetary Aggregates for the United States under the direction of CFS Director Dr. William A. Barnett. Her current research focuses on incorporating credit card services into the CFS Divisia monetary aggregates to produce the Augmented Divisia Monetary Aggregates.

Ms. Su is a PhD candidate expected to complete her doctoral studies at the University of Kansas in 2017. In 2015, she was appointed a Fellow of the University of Kansas, a high and rare honor for a graduate student at that university. Ms. Su received a Bachelor of Science in mathematics and applied mathematics from Renmin University of China. She also was an exchange student in the Department of Economics at the University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne.


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William R. Rhodes

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Sheila Bair
Advisory Board Member and Senior Fellow

William A. Barnett
Director / Advances in Monetary and Financial Measurement

David Beers
Senior Fellow / Sovereign Risk Analysis and Policy

Bradley J. Bondi
Senior Fellow / Legal Studies

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Senior Fellow / Cybersecurity Strategy

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Senior Advisor

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Senior Fellow / Consumer Finance

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Managing Director, Policy and Regulation

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Senior Advisor

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Senior Fellow / Financial Institutions

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President and Founder

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Research Associate

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Senior Fellow / Global Markets and Investment Management

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Senior Fellow / Financial History

Liting Su
Research Associate

Jeff van den Noort
Chief Technology Officer

Yubo Wang
Senior Fellow / Financial Markets