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Kevin R. Brock
Senior Fellow / Cybersecurity Strategy

Kevin R. Brock brings a rare mix of experience from the highest levels of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Office of Director of National Intelligence, and acclaimed management consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton.

As a career FBI Agent, Mr. Brock gained extensive experience directing complex, high risk and high profile investigations. Toward the end of his FBI career, Mr. Brock was called upon when there was a need for a strategic leader to help establish various important initiatives. For example, he authored the founding justification documents establishing, defining, and resourcing the new Cyber Division within the FBI. Later, Mr. Brock was named the FBI's first Assistant Director for Intelligence - where he helped establish and lead a new Intelligence Directorate in the FBI following recommendations of the 9/11 Commission. He was then asked to become the first Principal Deputy Director of a post 9/11 presidential initiative known as the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC). There, he negotiated, crafted, and helped define NCTC's operational role within the Intelligence Community. Mr. Brock was recognized with the Presidential Rank Award for Meritorious Service to the Nation in 2006. While at Booz Allen, Mr. Brock helped shape the firm's strategic thinking around emerging cyber security needs and became a sought after speaker on cyber threat trends and strategies.

In 2014, Mr. Brock founded BrockCRS LLC where he provides senior leaders valuable perspective and advice on mitigating cyber threat related risks. In addition, he is a principal in two other start-ups, the SAFR Group and CyberXplore. The SAFR Group is a collaboration of former law enforcement, special forces, and industry executives advising on threats to the nation's critical infrastructure. In late 2015, CyberXplore will introduce an innovative and highly effective tool to help address one of the most persistent cyber risk challenges of our time: the human vulnerability. He is also on the Board of Advisors of a unique and fast growing software design company, Appster.

Mr. Brock has a B.A. from the University of Connecticut.


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