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The Bretton Woods Project

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The Bretton Woods Project at the CFS offers a platform for study and exploration of the agreement that shaped the international monetary system over the last nearly 70 years. The Bretton Woods transcripts discovered by CFS Senior Fellow Kurt Schuler serve as the cornerstone of the project with historic documents, photographs, memorabilia and recollections creating a resource for historians, finance professional, public officials, the media, students, and other interested observers.

Bretton Woods 2014 Conference

Honoring the 70th anniversary of the original conference, Bretton Woods 2014: The Founders and the Future will be held at the Mount Washington Resort in New Hampshire from Sept. 3rd to Sept. 4th. The hotel will be exclusively available for the conference, just as it was in 1944. The event will gather prominent leaders from government, business, and academia in a working-group environment to focus on the FUTURE of finance and the international monetary system. More About the Conference
(by invitation only)

The Bretton Woods Transcripts

The Bretton Woods Transcripts, edited by CFS Senior Fellow Kurt Schuler and CFS Research Associate Andrew Rosenberg, offer a front row seat at the conference that has shaped the international monetary system for nearly 70 years.

Did you know that…

  • A major delegate began acting as a spy at the conference?
  • The Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods, NH was partially chosen because…
  • The Chinese delegation to Bretton Woods had…

Just Before Bretton Woods

Edited by CFS Senior Fellow Kurt Schuler and Gabrielle Canning, Just Before Bretton Woods is the only detailed work on the small, secretive conference that immediately preceded and prepared the way for Bretton Woods.

Historic Documents & Memorabilia

Over 3,000 pages of historic documents, photographs, memorabilia and recollections.


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Also of interest: Just Before Bretton Woods: The Atlantic City Conference, June 1944