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The Bretton Woods Transcripts

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iTunes. Because of difficulties uploading the file, we are not currently selling the book on iTunes. If you have an iPad (or other Apple electronic reading device), you can download a free Kindle app from the iStore. It will let you read files formatted for the Amazon Kindle. You should then be able to buy the book from Amazon and read it on your iPad. Similar apps may be available for other electronic reading devices.

Paper version. A hardcover edition is available through and The paper version omits Appendix F, which contains previously published documents and comprises about half the length of the e-book.

PDF. A PDF version is available for libraries and other institutions. Please contact Brigitte Rudman at for pricing.

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Other Editions; Libraries

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Publisher: Center for Financial Stability
Pages: 800 eBook / 675 hardcover
Price: $9.00 eBook / $33.68 hardcover
ISBN-13: 9781941801000 / 9781941801017

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Excerpt includes table of contents, preface, introduction, and sample transcript.

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