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CFS strives to be a resource for journalists. For media inquiries, please contact or 212.626.2660.

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Expert Area of Emphasis (Click on name to get full biography.)
Lawrence Goodman
CFS; Global Macro; Exchange Rates; Emerging Markets
Steve H. Hanke
Monetary Policy; Exchange Rates; Public Finance; Bank Regulation
Bruce Tuckman
Derivatives; Repo; Financing and Leverage; Prime Brokerage; Bond Markets
William A. Barnett
Monetary Measurement; Financial Economics; Macroeconomic Dynamics
Bradley J. Bondi
Domestic and International Securities and Banking Regulation; Corporate Governance
Steven Lofchie
US Legal Regulation of Financial Institutions and Trading Markets
Robin L. Lumsdaine
Recent Financial Crisis; Bank Regulation; Inflation; Volatility; Pensions; Health Care
Yubo Wang
Asset Pricing and Cross-Market Linkages; Interest Rates and Sovereign Debt