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Country Reports
Advanced Economies  |  Emerging Economies

The latest financial stability reports from 60 countries are available here. These reports cover 24 advanced and 36 emerging economies. These help the reader better understand the economic trends and policy actions that strongly affect financial stability in each country. All reports are in Acrobat (PDF) format. Some of the countries include multiple PDF files in a single zip file. To access the reports, click on the country name or FSR publication date for each country. Yellow cells of the table highlight new reports.

Advanced Economies

Country Last Published FSR Next Scheduled FSR
Australia Apr-21 Oct-21
Austria Jun-21 Dec-21
Belgium May-21 May-22
Canada May-21 May-22
Cyprus May-19 May-20
Denmark May-21 Nov-21
European Central Bank May-21 Nov-21
European Union Oct-17 Oct-18
Finland May-21 May-22
France Mar-21 Mar-22
Germany Oct-20 Nov-21
Greece2 Jun-21 Jan-22
Iceland Apr-21 Sep-21
Ireland Jun-21 Dec-21
Italy3 Apr-21 Nov-21
Japan Apr-21 Oct-21
Luxembourg4 Jul-20 Jul-21
Netherlands May-21 Oct-21
New Zealand May-21 Nov-21
Norway Nov-20 Nov-21
Portugal5 Jun-21 Jun-22
Spain Apr-21 Oct-21
Sweden May-21 Nov-21
Switzerland Jun-21 Jun-22
United Kingdom Dec-20 Jun-21
United States - FSOC Dec-20 Dec-21
United States - OFR Nov-20 Nov-21

1 Cyprus' Economic Bulletin is written in Greek.
2 Greece no longer publishes a financial stability report.
3 Bank of Italy's Annual Report contains financial system data.
4 Luxembourg's Financial Stability Report is written in French.
5 June 2021 update is in Portuguese only. The last report in english was from December 2020.

Emerging Economies

Country Last Published FSR Next Scheduled FSR
Argentina Dec-20 May-21
Brazil May-21 Oct-21
Chile May-21 Nov-21
China Dec-20 Dec-21
Colombia1 Mar-21 Nov-21
Czech Republic May-21 May-22
Egypt Mar-15 Jun-15
Estonia Oct-18 May-19
Hong Kong Sep-18 Mar-19
Hungary Nov-18 May-19
India Jun-18 Dec-18
Indonesia Nov-20 May-21
Israel Jul-16 Jan-17
Kazakhstan3 Sep-18 Sep-19
Latvia Jul-16 Jul-17
Lithuania Jun-15 Jun-16
Malaysia Mar-16 Mar-17
Mexico Nov-15 Nov-16
Morocco4 Dec-15 Dec-16
Nigeria Jul-15 Jul-16
Pakistan5 Jun-16 Jun-17
Peru6 Dec-19 Dec-20
Philippines Apr-20 Oct-20
Poland Jun-20 Dec-20
Romania Sep-15 Sep-16
Russia Jun-20 Dec-20
Singapore Nov-19 Nov-20
Slovakia May-16 Nov-16
Slovenia Jun-18 Jan-19
South Africa May-16 Nov-16
South Korea Jun-20 Dec-20
Taiwan May-20 May-21
Thailand Aug-15 Aug-16
Turkey May-16 May-17
Ukraine7 Jun-16 Jun-17
Uruguay8 Jul-16 Sep-16

1 Colombia: Only in Spanish.
3 Kazakhstan: This is the foreword. The rest of the report can be found at
4 Morocco: The latest FSR is from 2013 and is written in French.
5 Pakistan: State Bank of Pakistan's last published financial stability review is for the first half of 2012.
6 Peru: We are posting "Macroprudential Policy Measures in Peru," which is a working paper from the central bank, in lieu of a recent financial stability report. This paper is in Spanish.
7 Ukraine: Only a short web version dated June 2016 is currently available. According the their site, "Full version of the report will be available later."
8 Uruguay's report is written in Spanish.