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Policy Forum Why is the forum moderated? Why not just accept all submissions?

The CFS values balanced presentation of views. The role of the moderator is to encourage and facilitate constructive, balanced discussion. Comments that adhere to this standard will generally be posted on the CFS website, irrespective of whether or not the moderator, or CFS, agrees with the view. At times the moderator may also submit comments to round out the debate (i.e, in the role of devil’s advocate) or with his/her own views; when this happens, the moderator will clearly state which of these scenarios the viewpoint represents.

What comments should be submitted?

Any insights on the forum questions or related topics are welcome. The focus of the forum will naturally evolve with the topics being discussed. Comments can be either new to the forum or published previously but in all cases should represent the author’s own and original views and should represent material where the author retains the copyright and/or has obtained permission to post to the CFS website.

What will you do with my comments?

It is our hope that the Forum contributions will help influence the policy debate. In particular, discussion that eventually results in consensus or clarity of views or leads to an official CFS position may be synthesized by CFS into a summary document that could be submitted, e.g., as a comment in response to requests made by regulatory authorities as part of the US rulemaking process. Therefore, by submitting a comment, the author acknowledges adherence to the Forum guidelines and, subject to the constraints listed below, allows CFS to: (a) post the comment on the Forum website, (b) use the comment in a summary document synthesizing the discussion of the Forum, (c) incorporate the comment into an official CFS position (with proper attribution, subject to permission of the author).

What if I want to post anonymously?

That is allowed. To ensure the validity of the submission, participants will need to identify themselves to the CFS. However, in order to enable the highest level of participation, we will respect confidentiality requests of participants, to the fullest extent of the law. In your submission, please clearly state how attribution should be made (e.g., “Anonymous”, “US Banking Regulator”, “senior government official”, “bank employee”, etc.). In case of ambiguity as to a participant’s wishes, the moderator will solicit verification from the participant prior to posting.

Submit Your Comments

Acknowledging that there are many viewpoints, we encourage you to submit yours. The CFS values balanced presentation of views. Our goal is to have an active dialogue on these important topics. It is our hope that the contributions will help influence the policy debate. The questions provide ideas for topics of particular interest and relevance but comments on other related topics are also welcome. Insights and arguments can be sent to

The CFS values your privacy. We will not share your email address or contact details.