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Emerging Risks

Financial Intelligence Today, risks and vulnerabilities are more complex than ever. Candid and unbiased assessment from independent experts across financial markets, macroeconomics, and geopolitics is essential to optimize private sector performance and public policy.

The Center for Financial Stability runs a Vulnerabilities Working Group (VWG), co-chaired by David Martin and Lawrence Goodman, to identify financial risks likely to present over the next 3 to 24 months. Specifically, the VWG engages leaders, experts from relevant fields and disciplines, and high level financial market participants in a dynamic and interactive process; provides a forward-looking synthesis of financial, macroeconomic, geopolitical, technological, and regulatory risks, and is supported by financial and economic models at the CFS.

CFS Research on Emerging Risks

Macro and Markets

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Financial Stability Reports

Financial regulators and central banks in over 60 countries publish financial stability reports about the health of their banking, financial and payments systems. These are a rich source of information on the structure of financial systems, recent trends in banking and finance, and the impact of the global economy on local markets.  Read more