Senator Sherrod Brown Criticizes President-Elect Trump’s Pick for SEC Chair

In response to the selection of Jay Clayton as nominee for SEC Chair, U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) opined that “[i]t’s hard to see how an attorney who’s spent his career helping Wall Street beat the rap will keep President-elect Trump’s promise to stop big banks and hedge funds from ‘getting away with murder.'”

Lofchie Comment: Football Outsiders (a statistics site for football fans) includes a generic complaint form for readers to use when they disagree with the results of a given analysis but do not wish to engage in substantive discussion. Similarly, the Trump administration might find it useful to provide a generic form for those who wish to complain about a given individual from the private sector who is tasked with serving in the government:

[Mr./Ms.] [Name] is [completely/wholly/totally/horrendously/shockingly/
fabulously/absolutely] [unqualified/unfit/unsuited] to serve as [name of post] for the [name of agency] because that person previously worked in the private sector where the individual’s job included [ [helping a corporation make money] / [defending a person against a governmental or regulatory action] / [interaction with governments of countries other than the United States] ].

Notwithstanding Senator Brown’s remarks, many of President Obama’s appointees also had significant Wall Street careers prior to their government service, including CFTC Chair Gensler and Secretary of the Treasury Lew. Having had a career in the private sector ought not to generate a generic salvo.