IOSCO Reports on Implementation of Post-Crisis Recommendations for Securities Markets

The IOSCO Board reported on the implementation of the G20/Financial Stability Board’s (“FSB”) post-crisis recommendations to strengthen securities markets. The Board report includes insight and analysis on the implementation of recent reforms and is based on self-reporting by national authorities in FSB jurisdictions. The report focused on (i) hedge funds; (ii) structured products and securitization; (iii) oversight of credit rating agencies; (iv) measures to safeguard the efficiency and integrity of markets; and (v) supervision and regulation of commodity derivative markets.

Highlights of the report:

  • hedge funds – all responding jurisdictions which permit or have hedge funds reported implementation of the G20 and IOSCO recommendations relating to registration, disclosure and oversight of hedge funds. Almost all reported implementation of recommendations in relation to international information and enhancing counterparty risk management;
  • structured products and securitization – most responding jurisdictions reported the introduction of measures to strengthen supervisory requirements or best practices for investment in structured products, and to enhance disclosure of securitized products as recommended by the Financial Stability Forum (now the FSB) in 2008 and IOSCO in a number of reports from 2009 onwards; and
  • oversight of credit rating agencies – all responding jurisdictions implemented G20/FSB recommendations to require registration and provide appropriate oversight of FSB jurisdictions in line with IOSCO’s Code of Conduct Fundamentals for Credit Ratings Agencies.

In addition, the report stated that the implementation of G20/FSB recommendations “is still progressing” in the areas of (i) measures to safeguard the integrity and efficiency of financial markets, and (ii) the supervision and regulation of commodity derivatives markets.