Historical Economic Data of South-Eastern Europe

The South-Eastern European Monetary History Network is a group of financial and monetary historians, economists, and statisticians established in April 2006 on the initiative of the Bulgarian National Bank and the Bank of Greece. It has just issued a big study, South-Eastern European Monetary and Economic Statistics from the Nineteenth Century to World War II.  The study supplies data for Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire/Turkey, and the Balkans. Data include (1) monetary variables, (2) interest rates, (3) exchange rates, (4) government finances, (5) prices, production and labor, and (6) national accounts and population. There is also some narrative economic history of each country. Most of the countries in the region previously had little historical data readily available. What had been nearly inaccessible in old books, newspapers, and archives, mostly in local languages, is now a click away on the Internet in English and in machine-readable form. Bravo!