IOSCO Meets to Discuss Market-Based Finance

IOSCO met in Madrid to discuss its work on market-based finance and key initiatives to support the G20-FSB’s efforts to restore stability in the global financial system.  

The initiatives discussed included: 

  • methodologies for identifying non-bank global systemically important financial institutions or activities in the areas of asset management and market intermediaries; 
  • the role capital markets and securities regulators can play in supporting long-term finance, including infrastructure investment and SME financing; and
  • the implementation of IOSCO Principles on Financial Benchmarks, IOSCO Principles for Oil Price Reporting Agencies and IOSCO Principles for the Regulation and Supervision of Commodity Derivatives Markets.

IOSCO also discussed audit quality and initiatives to build investor confidence in global securities markets, as well as policy measures aimed at building capacity in emerging markets, and the results of the IOSCO research department’s latest survey on market demands, which will be published on June 16, 2014.  

See: IOSCO Press Release.
See also: FSOC Public Conference on Asset Management (May 21, 2014).


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