Bretton Woods Viewed from India

The Internet now has many documents related to Bretton Woods that were unavailable when Andrew Rosenberg and I began our work on The Bretton Woods Transcripts a little more than two years ago. The latest that I have found is the Report of the Indian Delegation to the United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference at Bretton Woods, on the Reserve Bank of India’s recently established digital library site. The report, printed in 1945, stresses some particular concerns India raised at Bretton Woods, such as the convertibility of its pound sterling assets, the extent to which the IMF would stress economic development over balance of payments considerations, and quotas (capital subscriptions in the International Monetary Fund and World Bank). India, although still a British colony at the time of the Bretton Woods conference, was notable for the independent stance of its delegation, extending to the Englishmen who served on the delegation.

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