SEC Requests Public Comments on Regulatory Initiatives under Dodd-Frank

The SEC has created an online forum on which members of the public who are interested in commenting on recent SEC rulemaking can publicly post their views even before an official comment period opens. The SEC will post all submissions on the comment page on the SEC website, and all submissions will be posted without change. The SEC is requesting public comments on the following matters:

  • Title II – Orderly Liquidation of Covered Broker-Dealers;
  • Title III – Transfer of Powers to the Comptroller of the Currency, the Corporation, and the Board of Governors;
  • Title IV – Regulation of Advisers to Hedge Funds and Others;
  • Title VI – Improvements to Regulation of Bank and Savings Associations Holding Companies and Depository Institutions; 
  • Title VII – Wall Street Transparency and Accountability;
  • Title VIII – Payment, Clearing and Settlement Supervision;
  • Title IX – Investor Protection and Improvements to the Regulation of Securities; and
  • Title XV – Miscellaneous Provisions.

Lofchie Comment: This is a good and interesting concept: to foster a device for the meaningful public discussion of issues that can occur before the formal rulemaking process starts, at which point many possible options are likely foreclosed as market participants are reduced to commenting on a rule. It would be great if the site could be developed in a way that would make summaries of the letters available (ideally, persons who submitted letters would also submit summaries) and reduce or eliminate the noise caused by form letters.

See: SEC Public Comment Page.