CFS Congratulates Professor Steve H. Hanke for the “Doctor Honoris Causa” Honor Bestowed by the BAS

The CFS is pleased to announce that CFS Special Counselor and Johns Hopkins University Professor Steve H. Hanke was awarded the honorary title of “Doctor Honoris Causa” by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences for his role in the introduction of Bulgaria’s currency board. Professor Hanke served as an advisor to the President of Bulgaria in 1997 when the country was in the worst financial, economic and political crisis in the modern history of Bulgaria.

During the award ceremony, the Prime Minister of Bulgaria, Plamen Oresharski, “expressed satisfaction with the decision of the Executive Council of BAS for the awarding of the title and said how much Prof. Hanke has contributed to financial stability in the country…”

“For more than 15 years our monetary system has been praised and criticized, but it is a fact that it has contributed to the economic progress of our country. I want to thank Prof. Hanke for the periodic reviews – sometimes critical, sometimes encouraging, but always in a positive style. I hope that he will always be predisposed to Bulgaria,” added the prime minister.

Click here for the announcement and an audio file of Professor Hanke’s comments.