The Bretton Woods Transcripts now in hardcover

The Bretton Woods Transcripts has just been released in a hardcover edition. Readers who prefer paper to electrons can find it here for $33.68, a bargain price for a 700-page book.

The main content is the same as that of the e-book released in October, but the appendices have some differences. To keep the size and cost of the hardcover manageable, it omits Appendix F, which contains previously published documents that comprise half the length of the e-book. On the other hand, the hardcover contains tables in Appendix E showing the evolution of the IMF and World Bank Articles of Agreement, which had to be omitted from the e-book because e-books do not handle tables well.

This is the first hardcover book published by the Center for Financial Stability. More are planned.

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Kurt Schuler, co-editor of The Bretton Woods Transcripts, is Senior Fellow of Financial History at the Center for Financial Stability and an economist in the Office of International Affairs at the United States Department of the Treasury.

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