Eurex Publishes Report In Praise of High-Frequency Trading

Eurex published the attached report on High-Frequency Trading (HFT).  In the report, Eurex asserts that HFT is a “natural reflection of competition between market participants using the advances in computer technology.”  The report discusses background, issues, and regulation of HFT using the following outline.

  • How do you define high-frequency trading (HFT)?
  • What are the most common HFT strategies?
  • Why is the speed so important?
  • What is the impact of HFT on market quality?
  • Do HFT users cause volatility?
  • Why are there critical voices on HFT from institutional investors?
  • How do HFT firms (re-)act in critical times?
  • How do regulators deal with HFTs?
  • What impact does the German HFT Bill have for HFTs?

Click here to view report in full (links externally to Eurex website).

1 thought on “Eurex Publishes Report In Praise of High-Frequency Trading

  1. Hello Mr. Lofchie, I read your posts often and enjoy them. After reading this HFT Eurex POV, I framed my response as follows:

    The New Bourgeois Currency, What’s the urgency, and a Nitrogen cooled algorithmic hyperbole

    As you can tell, I’m not really a fan of a technology that crowds-out the individual investor.

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