Central Banking Journal Highlights The Bretton Woods Transcripts

Central Banking, a quarterly journal for practitioners and observers of central banking, has published an article on The Bretton Woods Transcripts. (Article is here, but it may not be accessible from all computers.) Jacques de Larosière and Steve Hanke, who wrote the preface to the book, repeat some observations they made there. In particular, they stress how effective the conference was at covering the issues before it and how a number of those issues persist today. De Larosière was Managing Director–the top official–of the International Monetary Fund from 1978-1987; he remains active in French financial circles and is currently chairman of Eurofi. Hanke is Professor of Applied Economics at The Johns Hopkins University and Special Counselor at the CFS.

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About Kurt Schuler

Kurt Schuler, co-editor of The Bretton Woods Transcripts, is Senior Fellow of Financial History at the Center for Financial Stability and an economist in the Office of International Affairs at the United States Department of the Treasury.